Cultural Services

Cultural services can be provided to support children and families on healing journeys to stay connected or to reconnect with culture and traditions. We respect all healthy spiritual paths, and are happy to work with you for other cultural or traditional requests. *Please note that Provincial Public Health Regulations may affect if services requested will be held online or in person.*

All staff receive ongoing cultural training. Children Services Workers attend Circles with children, youth, and families when required. Our Culture Team is pleased to assist Children’s Services Workers in the development and delivery of Outcome Plans, Talking/Sharing Circles, and more.

  • Naming and Colours Ceremony

  • Welcoming Ceremonies

  • Odedemowin (Clan) Teachings

  • Traditional Parenting Program

  • Fasting and Vision Quest

  • Sweat Lodge

  • Pipe Ceremony

  • Family Talking Circles

  • Traditional Land Base Teachings

  • Rites of Passage Ceremony

  • Cedar Bath

  • Bundle Building Activities and


  • Other Requests

Elders Advisory Circle

Our Elder’s Advisory Circle is made up of Elders from all member communities. They are a compass resource to assist staff in the steering, development, and delivery of services. They provide spiritual guidance and support, develop protocols and policies guided by the 7 Gifts, and Clan System. The Elders work closely with the Culture Team to develop future activities to positively affect children, youth and families.

Family Healing/Guiding Circles

Family healing and guiding Circles have become and intricate part of the relationship our agency has nurtured with families on their healing journey. These options help to create a space that allows for honest reflection and gentle guidance. Along with the Family Healing/Guiding Circles, the Cultural Program has also established a number of diverse community circles that focus on general challenges community members face as well as Men’s and Women’s circles. One on one counseling/circles have also become an important activity ranging from youth to adult.  Reach out to inquire about requests for workshops, ceremonies, teachings, circles or other teachings for  your member community.