Cultural Services

Cultural services can be provided to support children and families on healing journeys to stay connected, or to reconnect with culture and traditions. We respect all healthy spiritual paths, and are happy to work with you for other cultural or traditional requests.

  • Sweat Lodge

  • Pipe Ceremony

  • Naming and Colours Ceremony

  • Fasting and Vision Quest

  • Welcoming Ceremonies

  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies

  • Traditional Land Base Teachings

  • Family Circles

  • Cedar Bath

  • Other Requests

Cultural/Social Investment is a priority for our agency to assist in bringing balance to our First Nation’s members on and off reserve. Requests for support for their own programs as well as for their children and families continues to build as well. The interaction between our member First Nations and Niijaansinaanik has assisted in positive relationship building.

Elders Advisory Circle

An Elders Advisory Circle was established with Terms of reference being adopted by the Elders to help guide them in their role within the Agency. Quarterly meetings have been established and are being conducted. In other program development this past year the Cultural Program supported a number youth camps. Sweat lodge building & teachings, storytelling, medicine walks are just a few of the cultural events led by the Cultural Program.

Family Healing/Guiding Circles

Family healing and guiding circles have become and intricate part of the relationship our agency has nurtured with families on their healing journey. These options help to create a space that allows for honest reflection and gentle guidance. Along with the Family Healing/Guiding Circles, the Cultural Program has also established a number of diverse community circles that focus on general challenges community members face as well as specific ones like Men’s & Women’s circles. One on one counseling/circles have also become an important activity ranging from youth to adult. First Nation Health centres, Social programs, schools, etc., are beginning to increase their requests for support in this area. Requests for workshops, ceremonies, teachings, circles and supporting communities in their Child & Family services and cultural programs have become regular requests for our agency. A Circle Program is near completion and will be delivered to families and children in care in 2020 along with a Traditional Parenting Program.

For more information, please contact our office